- First things first -

Back in 2016, Inward-Outward was the trip around the world I was about to embark on alone. The title held a meaning for me, acting as a reminder of the initial intention behind my decision: a perfect balance between introspective (Inward) and extroversive (Outward) experiences.


- Transitioning - 

Back from my travels, the thought I had left aside for so long floated back up to the surface of my mind: “I am not on the right professional path.”

The path I secretly wished to explore belonged to the world of arts and culture. This was the world I knew I felt passionate about and was drawn to. As a result, I kick-started what I now call my professional transition! It took a lot of reading, thinking and meeting with professionals for an idea to emerge and for a plan to shape up in my mind.


- Inward-Outward 2.0 - 

During my months-long research I identified the sectors I wanted to contribute to: artist management, music festivals, and creation of artistic and cultural concepts.

Naturally Inward-Outward became the obvious name for the umbrella structure that would hold my new projects together.  With Inward-Outward I have defined three main activities I wish to focus on:

1.     Artist management : accompanying artists in their creative work, helping to define a vision and turn it into a reality

2.     Organisation of music festivals : putting solid organisational, logistical and interpersonal skills to use in the setup of music festivals

3.     Creation of artistic and cultural concepts : developing ideas for exhibitions, festivals and other events

In keeping with the initial spirit of Inward-Outward, my new endeavour embodies a will to join reflection (Inward) and action-taking (Outward). Whether it be for a music festival or an artist’s career, Inward-Outward will first focus on defining a clear vision before taking the necessary steps for the realisation of the project at hand.


- It takes a (small) village - 

Two years after I first came up with the name, Inward-Outward has become a whole new endeavour that fills me with joy, excitement and pride. None of this would have been possible without the help of some people I would like to acknowledge.

Thank you to:

  • Valentine Chain, without whom the beautiful Inward-Outward logo and website would not exist
  • Odile de Sinety for her continuous support and precious advice
  • Ellis Goodson for being the best proofreader ever
  • Adeline Richez for her key insights
  • My family, whose encouragement has fuelled me  
  • My friends, whose excitement for Inward-Outward has kept me going

Finally, thank YOU for visiting Inward-Outward and reading my first blog! I hope you will be back soon to read the publications to come!


- Last but not least - 

As I start this new professional chapter of my life, I am looking for potential opportunities and collaborations.

Are you an artist looking for a manager? Do you work in the music festival sector? Are you simply enthusiastic about Inward-Outward and wanting to chat? Do no hesitate to get in touch over here!

Louise Guillaume | Founder of Inward-Outward

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