Festival production


A know-how backed up by strong organisational, operational and relational skills put to use for festivals, with two focuses:

// eco-production

// strategic management

Organisational management

Putting at your disposal a management “tool box” to optimise your team’s structure and efficiency.

These management tools are tried-and-true techniques helping rationalise and strategise teamwork.

Inward-Outward suggests its “tool box” for an effective and efficient use of your human ressources.


Helping you make eco-responsibility a part of your festival’s organisation.

Festivals are times of large gatherings in one location and as a result have an environmental impact. Lessening this impact is possible and necessary.

It is this issue that Inward-Outward offers to help you with through an eco-responsible approach to the organisation of your festival.

Pete The Monkey

Inward-Outward contributed to the 8th edition of Pete The Monkey.

Eco-production: creation of an eco-responsible strategy, writing of an internal eco-responsibility charter and a “Commitments” tab on the festival’s website, partnership with a brand producing, distribution of pocket ashtrays and recycling of the cigarette buds by a contractor…

Organisational management: transmission of team management tools, help provided to better structure the team, writing of a welcome pack for the staff and volunteers…

Media coverage:

  • “Pete The Monkey: A revolutionary eco music festival in France” - article on Living by Euronews

Since its creation, Pete The Monkey has drawn a growing number of festival-goers to Saint-Aubin-Sur-Mer for a unique and intimate experience. The festival gives special importance to the planet and acts in awareness of its environment. The profits generated are donated to finance the largest reserve of monkeys in Bolivia.

Festival 36H

Inward-Outward brought its skills to the organisation of the 12th edition of Festival 36H.

Eco-production : single use glasses replaced by reusable glasses (ecocups), beer supplied by a local brewery, use of biodegradable tableware made of recycled materials, partnership with a brand producing reusable water bottles to equip each artist with one…

Media coverage in: My Little Paris, Le Monde, Vogue, Pariscope…

Every year, the Church of Saint Eustache hosts the Festival 36H, whose programming contrasts with the music usually heard in the church. Two nights in a row, the church, a haven of spirituality and cultural avant-garde, echoes to the sound of electro, pop, folk music ...

Other festivals

Involvement on We Love Green, Jazz en Baie and Comme Nous Brûlons.

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