Artist management


A personal management service adapted to different artistic profiles, with an emphasis on listening and exchanging to reach intended goals. This management service works in three phases:

// To define the artist’s identity and vision

// To communicate and promote the artist’s project

// To showcase the artist's work

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Frédéric Nogray

Composer and self-taught musician, Frédéric Nogray came across crystal singing bowls in 2005. Initially a creator of electronic and electro-acoustic music, Frédéric adopts a more instrumental approach to music with the bowls. Industrial crucibles originally used in the manufacture of technological components, the bowls also produce very pure and powerful frequencies.

Universal and timeless, the singing bowls invite the listeners, in a subtle and intense way, into the music made of acoustic waves that go from very deep to very high sounds. The musical form is minimal, sometimes cyclical, made of long developments that allow the listener to comprehend the carved material.

Frédéric’s music acts on and with the space in which it is projected but also with all that is around. Thus his musical performances, interacting with the environment, are unique.

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Clotilde Guillaume

Upon her return to France, after many years spent abroad, Clotilde Guillaume enrolled at the Beaux-Arts workshops of the City of Paris in Emmanuelle Aussedat’s lithography workshop. She discovered a technique that completed her initial training at the Union Centrale des Arts Décoratifs de Paris. Lithography offers her an exciting new channel of creativity that enriches her work.

An insatiable globetrotter at heart, Clotilde draws inspiration from her travels. Nature is thus omnipresent in her creations, in turn inspired by plants, minerals and animals. Also, her love for textiles can be perceived through the prints and patterns of her lithographs.

A prolific artist, she gives free rein to her imagination and explores different formats of creation: books, friezes to infinity, large formats etc. Her artistic universe is joyful, colorful, poetic and timeless.

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