Inward-Outward was born out of a desire to contribute to the blossoming of artistic and cultural projects. It embodies a will to simultaneously join reflection and action-taking.

Inward-Outward focuses on two areas of activity : 

  1. Music festivals production

  2. Artists management

Inward–Outward defines at first the project at hand to have the best overview possible and then moves on to the organisation and execution of the actions necessary for its concrete realisation.


Introspection - Extraversion



Inward-Outward was created by Louise Guillaume. 

In July 2017, Louise began a professional transition from politics and international relations to the sector of arts and culture. Wanting at first to focus on music festivals, her research and reflections led her to take an interest in artists management as well. 

Via Inward-Outward, Louise contributes to the artistic and cultural projects entrusted to her. To do this, she relies on the skills and know-how accumulated during her past experiences as well as her determination, enthusiasm and attention to detail. 

From an international background (born in Bogota, raised in Thailand and France, once a resident of England), Louise is naturally curious and eager to open up to new horizons. Always in search of connection, she is driven by her desire to share what she feels passionate about.

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